Sunset driver

We had extempore photoshoot with S. Hartikainen photos and our new custom El Camino. I thought that it would be nice to do something more casual for a change and Sami wanted to test out if he is able to capture the colors of sunset in the photo. And here is what we came up with;

Little sewing project

I’ve been working with my new stage outfit for a really long time… I really don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that I want to do whole lingerie set from sheer net and leatherette – two most difficult materials for home dressmaker 😀

Aloha spring!

In Finland spring is a little frustrating time because the winter does not seem to give up to the summer. We spent many months in the battle of the seasons. First the snow melts away and the spring begins to wake up, but just when it has time to get excited, the weather change to cool […]

Lola Ramona

This blog post is literally shoetalk. I’m going to tell you about the brand of Lola Ramona and something about my own affections on shoes. I always write this kind of blog posts on two languages, first in Finnish and bellow in English. I hope you enjoy the post! <3