Dressmaker Portfolio

My favorites from clothes and stageoutfits that I’ve done.


I made this lingerie set for burlesque show. In the moment the outfit has three parts; bras, corset and pants. The main fabrics are sheer net and leatherette. the net has glitter on it and I will add some more bling later.

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos


Sami ordered these chaps for his stage performance. The chaps are made from leatherette and there is snap fasteners on both sides so the chaps are easy to take off nicely.

Photos: Molla la Donna
Model: Sami Hartikainen

Apple dress

This cute dress is made from old cotton curtain and I desinged it using photos from vintage sewing magazine. The fabric has little vintage green apples in it, so thats why I call it the Apple dress.

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos

Sally’s dress


This outfit I made for ’Sally’ cosplay (from Nightmare before Christmas movie) and it’s made from left over fabrics that I had in my stock. The outfit has two parts; bodysuit and skirt.

I also made a purse cover that looks like Zero to complete this outfit.

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos exept the one where he’s standin with me is taken by Katri Kallio
Make-up: Veera Anttila (in first two photos)

Evil touch

I made the hat and the jacket for my ’Evil Burlesque’ performance. The hat is made from leather and the jacket is velvet. I also added some little metal skulls to the jacket.

If you’re visiting the page via computer, you can see some details and the pasties for this show in top of the page. I’ve made those pasties too, but haven’t got better photo of them…

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos

Lingerie set

This set is the first set of Underwear that I’ve done fully by myself. The design got inspiration from legendary Bettie Page.

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos

Mortecia Addams


This outfit I made for our Halloween show with Boom Boom Kittens where Kiss Kiss Forbid’n played the role of Mortecia Addams. The outfit has full length dress with a zipper in front, leather lingerie and bat shaped pasties with metal change tassels.

I also made outfits for me (Bride of Frankenstein) and Minnie Von Strepes (Lily Munster), but they are much more simple and not so camera friendly 😀

Photos: Veli-Matti Ahonen
Make-up: Veera Anttila