Modeling Portfolio

I am Molla la Donna, alternative model and burlesque performer from Finland. As a model I make the most pin-up and alternative style photographs, but I also enjoy different roles and I love cosplay.

To date I worked with a limited number of companies, for example Underground store, AntiShop, Heartlles Clothing and Rockabella brand, I won Pin-up Finland 2014 competition and had some photos published in few magazines like Delicious Dolls Magazine and Golden Vintage. I have also been modeling for fashion shows in a few industry events.

JiiPee Photography

Photo: JiiPee Photography, 2016
Dress: Rockabella clothing
Jewerly: Koruharakka
Place: Hollywood Bowling

with Minorea Von Deese, Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, Clothes:

Modeling with Minorea von Deese.
Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, 2017
Clothes and whip: AntiShop

Studio KuvaStella (13) (800x534)

Photo by Studio KuvaStella, 2015

Gilbert Ludwig Agent Carter (6) (800x534)

Agent Carter inspired photo by Gilbert Ludwig, 2015


Fashion show at Kustom Kulture 2016
Dress & accesory: Underground store & piercing studio
Hair & Make-up: Foxy Vixens’ Beauty Parlour
Photo: Kimmo Janhunen

Kuva: Hannes Honkonen
Stailaus: Miss Coco de Noir, Meikki: Mia Sirén, Vaatteet: What Katie Did, Kengät: Miss L Fire Clothing

Make-up: Mia Sirén
Clothes: What Katie Did
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Place: Ace Corner, Finland

20170422 (6)

Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, 2017

2015-02-01 (3)

Launching party of Von Follies by Dita Von Teese
Photo: Tuomas Lairila
Hair: Coco De Noir
Make-up: Arabellum
Place: Pin-up Garage, 2015

Hatter 4 (533x800)

Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, 2016

Minna Ikonen VMS (22) (534x800)

Modeling with S. Hartikainen
Photo: Minna Ikonen / VMS, 2016
Assistant: Mikko Suutala / VMS

20151218 Felix Peter (8)

Photo: Felix Peter, 2015
Hairdecor: Rockabilly Cherry

2014-11-09 (2)

Modeling with AproModel
Photo: JLindfors Photography

20170326 Seppo Rantanen (4)

Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog
Photo: Seppo Rantanen, 2017
The Head: Horror-Shop


Delicious Dolls Magazine
Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, 2016
MUAH: Veera Anttila

Photo: Top Focus

Photo: Top Focus, 2016
Place: Jari Mäki Oy


Suicidal Ride’s album cover sheet
Photo by Samppa Erkkilä , 2015

Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos

Photo: S. Hartikainen Photos, 2016

Tomi Tuuliranta (3) (533x800)

Photo: Tomi Tuuliranta, 2015
Hair decor: Rockabilly Cherry

Photo: Tarja Petrell, Make-up: Mia Sirén VIP MakeUp Lounge Hair: Molla la Donna Styling: Miss Coco de Noir Clothes: Dovima / Pin-Up Garage Hairflower: Curvelicious Jo-Jo

Pin-Up Finland 2014
Photo: Tarja Petrell.
Make-up: Mia Sirén
Clothes: Dovima

Photo: Top Focus

Photo: Top Focus, 2016
Place: Jari Mäki Oy

Mikko Suutala Horny (6) (534x800)

Photo: Valokuvaaja Mikko Suutala for an advertising campaign in 2016
Make-up: VMS / Nanna
Assistants: VMS / Minna Ikonen & Suvi Ahonen
Promotor: Ismo Piispanen