Lola Ramona

This blog post is literally shoetalk. I’m going to tell you about the brand of Lola Ramona and something about my own affections on shoes. I always write this kind of blog posts on two languages, first in Finnish and bellow in English. I hope you enjoy the post! <3

Underground Store

Underground Store on persoonalliseen muotiin erikoistunut vaatetusalan liike, joka tarjoaa persoonallista muotia jo kymmenen vuoden kokemuksella. Yritys toimii paitsi verkkokauppana, myös kahdessa kivijalkamyymälässä, joista toinen on Jyväskylässa ja toinen Joensuussa. Yrityksen valikoimasta löytyy paljon pin-up ja rockabilly kulttuuriin sopivia vaatteita ja asusteita niin arkeen kuin juhlaan ja myös muodokkaammille naisille. Molla la Donna, Lily Desire, Kiss […]

S. Hartikainen Photos

S. Hartikainen is a photographer who has specialized in pin-up and alternative photos. His best talent is in close portraits and photos with story. He especially likes to do pulp art styled photos with texts like old murder mystery book covers. Sami is also able to work with multiple models at the same time. All the photos […]

Secrets from behind the scenes

Hi! This time I want to write about what happens before and behind the photoshoots. As a model I want to be as versatile as possible and if you have followed my modeling page at facebook you already might have noticed that I really like to do themed photoshoots. The only problem with this is that I should be […]