I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for a movie villains. There is something mysteriously interesting about them. But I didn’t plan to make cosplay of this one before I got the dress and couldn’t resist my inspiration.

Poison Ivy is one of Marvel’s greatest female villains and very seductive character. She is also one of most used characters in cosplay world and that’s why I didn’t do real cosplay. But I wanted to do something that’s inspired by her and also suits my style, so this is how we came up with Poison Rockabella 😉 We wanted to do something tough and seductive at the same time. For me this was really good practice in make-up and facial expressions.

Photos by S. Hartikainen Photos and MUAH by me.

And here is a bit closer look to make-up. I used a lot of green here and I was pretty happy with the eye make-up and lips, but I still need to practice especially with the shadows.19


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