I’ve been working with my new stage outfit for a really long time… I really don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that I want to do whole lingerie set from sheer net and leatherette – two most difficult materials for home dressmaker 😀

First I have to say that I haven’t done corset since I graduated from a vocational school in 2012 so I’m actually a little surprised at how easily the project went ahead. The biggest problem seemed to be a long delivery times of mail, because I ordered all materials online. But in the other had, I had a lot of time for planning and I did a pretty detailed plan of how I want to sew. In burlesque outfit is important that the outfit looks neat when you take it off, so it needs some planning to make the seams look good also inside the outfit. I also wanted to do something a bit surprising, to make the show more interesting.

As you can see, the net has little glitter on it and the leatherette also shines a bit. I chose these fabrics because I wanted to make really feminine outfit, but still keep some attitude on it. The design goes with same idea, it brings out feminine shape, but it can also be combined with the spirit of rock. to be honest, I’ve not yet decided should I add some diamonds or metal 😀 Perhaps I will make a decision when the show’s script is ready.

Now I’ve got the outfit in that point, that we were able to take the first photos with it. In these photos we wanted to create really glamorous atmosphere and test out some new flash lights. I also used this opportunity to try a new hairstyle and got some new material for my MUAH portfolio 😉

Photos: S. Hartikainen Photos



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