This year I started studying for a new profession through apprenticeships. I will graduate as a hairstylist and because of that, this spring has been all about the hair. I have practiced to cut and curl and done different kind of hairdos and haircuts for the training head. Next week we will start the customer service and I have to say, that I can’t wait to get to the real business!

I couldn’t even imagine how much I would love this job! I really enjoy when I can do things with my hands and when I’m able to see the final result immediately. I also hope that I get the change to practice some vintage hairdos that I have always wanted to try, but can’t do to myself. I’m also very fascinated about rockabilly men hair and beard styles and I hope I get to learn how to cut and style them properly. If I could choose, I would specialize on Rockabilly, Pin-up and vintage hairstyles and hairdos, but I think I have to do that after the graduation.

The downside of this is new and more expensive way of thinking on hair products and make-ups 😀 I have also noticed that I have a lot of self-criticism when it comes to someone else hair styling. I have always loved to do different kind on hairdos, but when I’ve done them to my own hair, I’m not so exact about everything. But now, when I work with someone else’s hair, I want it to be perfect. I guess that it’s not a bad thing but it takes a lot of energy, especially if I’m not quite happy whit the outcome. The hardest thing to me seems to be the really basic things like cutting the straight hair line and simple bun hairdos, because I can’t use any creativity on them.

Even thougth this new career has taken a lot of my time and energy, I haven’t forgot my other career as an artis. In my next blog posts I will tell you about my latest photoshoots and about Burlesque Blossoms 2017. So keep your eyes oppened 😉

And If you are interested to se how my hair story continues, follow my new Instagram account @muahbymolla <3


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