In Finland spring is a little frustrating time because the winter does not seem to give up to the summer. We spent many months in the battle of the seasons. First the snow melts away and the spring begins to wake up, but just when it has time to get excited, the weather change to cool again and it rains more snow.

I call this time as tiki season, because every spring I’m really exited about tiki theme. In this time of year I dream about holiday in some really warm country and imagine myself to enjoy the sun and a cold drink under a palm tree.

Now days we have this tiki styled kitchen and I’ve spend the most of my time there to get the spring mood on. I also get that really great idea to take some tiki photos on our kitchen table! We I’m not sure if that was so great idea after all because the room is too small to become studio and I wasn’t free to pose as big as I normally do. But still I think the result is pretty good, although the idea was quite extempore 😀

All photos by S. Hartikainen Photos


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