Last Saturday we had photoshoot with Minorea Von Deese and S. Hartikainen Photos. I was really excited about this, because I wanted to try out if we are able to make some connection between two models in these photos and because the style that we wanted to do wasn’t anything like ’good girl’ look that I usually do 😉

I was really happy with the outcome and I especially liked the colors of these photos! Still I have to say that to me it’s a bit weird to have my hair down and there is few photos where I don’t like that look so much, but I wanted to try something different and I definitely got it!

We both got our outfits from and all the photos are by S. Hartikainen Photos

After these we also took few photos of the chaps that I’ve made for Sami. It was pretty fun, because I was able to take some really artistic photos with fine details and Sami was able to play a bit different kind of role than usually 😀



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