Have you noticed that all the fun and exiting things always hit very close to each other? I’ve been a bit quiet because I didn’t have anything to write about, but now a lot has happened in the last two weeks!

Let’s start with the story of the first Thursday of June, when we photographed with Minnie Von Stripes and Niklas Isberg a bit 1920s-styled speakeasy images. Although the place can’t be called as speakeasy. The place where the photos were taken is Harry’s pub in Jyväskylä, Finland, and it is known for its extensive selection of beer.

I have been fascinated by the 20th-century speakeasy culture for really long time and I have had a dream to arrange the photoshoot with the style since I watched the last season of Boardwalk Empire. I think that I will shoot again with this theme some day, when I find myself a decent flapper outfit.

Next weekend we had the Pin-up Garage bloggers weekend at Strömfors Ruukki. Weekend included an incredibly delicious food, Vespa ride, blacksmiths Forging, a sauna, a spa tub and gorgeous women. Naturally, when 10 bloggers meet in the same place, the social media and cameras were much in use. On the other hand, this weekend was also contribute to the return of history. The area and all buildings that we visited had been preserved from years back, and everywhere there was a slight sense of history. The whole village was also extremely quiet. So if you need a moment to calm down, I can recommend Ruukki holiday. 😉

Everyday at that week passed quickly with karting and Angry Birds movie, until the weekend came and we were able to photograph the very different styles of material. I’ve often wondered if I have a split personality, because there lies two very different people inside of me. One of them loves vintage, feminine and sentimental colors and the other is adored dark colors, leather and rock and she likes to cause a little mischief. So, last weekend’s photography was done in collaboration AntiShop, eroticism Megastore. The aim was to provide a small video teaser for the upcoming burlesque performances and at the same time to take a few pictures intended for promotional use.

Now I’m waiting for the teaser video and keep planing something new and exciting for my fans <3 Soon it is also time for Midsummer Jamboree, maybe we’ll see you there.


Thaks for reading!


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