Hi! This time I want to write about what happens before and behind the photoshoots. As a model I want to be as versatile as possible and if you have followed my modeling page at facebook you already might have noticed that I really like to do themed photoshoots. The only problem with this is that I should be able to show a different side of myself in every photo. In the best case, I may have to change my role several times during photoshoot. But how on earth do I get it done? I decided to reveal my little secret for you and for example I use a photoshoot that we had yesterday with Valokuvaaja Mikko Suutala for an advertising campaign. In this photoshoot the theme was elegant diva and pictures were taken for a product that is going to the Far East markets in the autumn.

My secret lies in the preparations before the shooting. I prepare for every photography for about a week and I have developed a routine for myself. I’ll start preparing by searching for suitable pictures of the same theme from Pinterest. I always collect a board of makeup ideas, hairstyles, poses and images that inspire me for that theme. Photographs like to draw particular attention to the hands and feet positions, because they are the hardest thing to think during photoshoot. I usually delete the board immediately after the photoshoot to keep ideas fresh, so I grabbed this screenshot of the board, which I collected for this photo session. For this photoshoot I looked for Bond Girl look

Screen shot from my Pinterest board

The next thing what I usually do is a playlist with songs that gives me the right feeling. Music has a proven effect on people’s mood and I use it when I want to achieve a certain emotional state. For this photoshoot I listened old jazz songs, dramatic movie songs and songs that I have seen in burlesque shows. I listen to this playlist during the week and just before the photoshoot. And with this music it’s not important what kind of songs there is but what kind of feeling listening them do to you. For example, I have Black Sabbath’s Iron Man in each playlist which purpose is to get me to the seductive mood.

The next step is to find the right look for the theme. I always start pondering the appearance from the clothes, then I think of the hairstyle, make-up and accessories. I usually do this a couple of days before the photoshoot to make sure that I have time to complete the outfit if I’m feel that it needs something more. This time it was easy to select the dress, because I got specific instructions on how I should dress from the customer. There was also a Professional make-up artist Nanna from VMS, so I needed to take care of just hair styling. I wasn’t sure what kind of hairstyle would like, so I tested a few hairstyles during the week.Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them. If I need to look inpiration for hairdo I use Pinterest and Youtube. This time I also completed the look with new nail polish, which I thought suitable to product brand and added fake nails to make sure that my hands will look good when I hold the product. It is the little thigs that can make the photo.

Make-up artist Nanna giving me the look and me doing the last fixes for hairdo. Photos by Suvi Ahonen

Pre preparation includes, of course, also a traditional beautify with facial mask, shaving, stretching and hair dyeing. I guess I don’t have to tell you about that, so we can move to the photo session! Usually I am alone with the photographer, but the work is a little easier if there is assistants. In the end, photography is the issue of cooperation. In this photoshoot we had two assistants, make-up artist, photographer and the customer. Assistant task is usually to help with the lights, look to the outfit fits well and observe the whole set up. Photographer and model often use time to fix something small detail, so it is good to be someone who sees the whole set up in different angle.

So I think now is time to go through a few basic thigs about modeling. First of all make you feel as confident as you can! Choose clothes which you feel that you look really great, right down to underwear too. What comes up with the poses: For a beginner it is really good to practice poses and facial expressions with a mirror, but in my view, training should not be given too much power, because there is a risk of hang always in the same appearance. I encourage to experiment with different poses and facial expressions and take a look at only the set of images which really sits to the environment and to the theme. The only thing you really need to remember is to keep your back straight and feel beautiful. You should also push your toes slightly forward to get better leg line. And don’t be afraid to tell if something isn’t feeling right so you can fix it with photographer. 

Behind the scenes photos by Suvi Ahonen. Mikko is showing me how to get sexy curves

I must admit that for me the hardest thing of all is the product pictures, because I focus a little too much on how I hold the product and easily forget the rest. So this in kind of photoshoot it is really important that the whole team works together and working is fun for all. I personally think that this group was really good and easy to work with. And I think that the teaser photos look great and I look forward to our cooperation in the future.

A big thanks to the team behind the image:

Photographer: Valokuvaaja Mikko Suutala

Make-up: VMS / Nanna

Assistants: VMS / Minna Ikonen & Suvi Ahonen

and last, but not least, thanks to Ismo Piispanen organizing the whole thing.

Model & Hair: Molla la Donna, Photographer: Valokuvaaja Mikko Suutala, Make-up: VMS / Nanna, Assistants: VMS / Minna Ikonen & Suvi Ahonen


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